Residency orientation is designed to help prepare residents to successfully manage the clinical responsibilities of their internship year. Orientation activities include:

  • Reviewing professionalism standards, the Code of Conduct, and other critical residency policies and procedures
  • An overview of the rotation evaluation and feedback process
  • Competency training on the electronic medical record (EMR) and residency program management software

All residents will undergo an objective structured clinical exam (OSCE) to obtain baseline assessments of clinical knowledge, skills and abilities. There will also be focused clinical skill workshops and “Success Tips” talks for various inpatient rotations.

A secondary, but equally important, objective of residency orientation is to have fun and build relationships. Residency can be a very challenging time. We are committed to enhancing resident wellness and fostering work/life balance. Orientation will incorporate talks and activities, as well as provide resources, on how to be successful at maintaining both.


Last week of June (dates may vary slightly)

First Day of Rotations

The first day of rotations is the Monday following orientation.